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Video Doctor Visits

Schedule a video visit online or call your doctor’s office during business hours. For help finding a doctor, call our physician referral service at 646-929-7800.

You don’t always need to come in to the doctor’s office to see your doctor. Many NYU Langone doctors and care providers offer video visits, letting you video chat with your doctor from home or wherever is convenient for you. Video visits are available for adults and for children of all ages, and are available to new patients in addition to those who already have an NYU Langone doctor.

Virtual Urgent Care

If you need to see a doctor right away, schedule a Virtual Urgent Care video visit.

Schedule an Appointment

How to Schedule a Video Visit

To schedule a video visit instead of an in-office visit, you can find a doctor and schedule online, or log into your and select a member of your care team to schedule. You can also schedule a video visit by calling your doctor’s office during business hours.

Video visits are subject to regulations that vary by state. When scheduling a video visit, you must see a provider who is licensed in the state that you will be in during the time of your visit. Most of our physicians are licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida. Our office will contact you ahead of your visit, or you can call us at 646-929-7800, to confirm we can complete your visit.

Download the NYU Langone Health App

Schedule a video visit or an in-person appointment, access your medical records, and more by logging into the app with your NYU Langone Health MyChart account.

What to Expect During a Video Visit

A video visit is similar to an in-office visit, but instead of traveling to see your doctor, you can video chat with them from home, work, or another convenient location. Our care providers can assess symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions to your pharmacy.

Video visits take place through your NYU Langone Health MyChart account. If you are a patient at NYU Langone and do not have a MyChart account, you can . We also recommend that you download the NYU Langone Health app to access your MyChart account from your mobile device.

VIDEO: Learn what to expect during your video visit and how to access your visit using the NYU Langone Health mobile app.

When it’s time for your video visit, you can join the appointment by logging into your NYU Langone Health MyChart account using the app, up to 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Select the Appointments icon on the app’s home screen to access the video chat with your doctor.

Types of Video Visit Appointments

Our doctors and other healthcare providers offer video visits across a wide range of specialties. Some examples of appointments that can be held over video include new patient visits, follow-up visits, mental health visits, physical therapy visits, occupational therapy visits, speech–language pathology therapy visits, and postoperative appointments.

VIDEO: Dr. Julie Han, a sports health expert, discusses how video visits allow her to connect with her patients and provide the same high level of care.

Video visits cannot be used for appointments that require physical examinations, such as annual physicals or annual gynecological appointments. If you have questions about whether a video visit is right for you at this time, speak with your doctor’s office.

Computer Requirements

The NYU Langone Health mobile app is only available for mobile devices. If you would like to use a computer instead of a mobile device, please make sure it has a working web camera, microphone, speakers, and high-speed internet connection. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome web browsers are compatible with this service. If this is your or your child’s first video visit, please accept the download for the VidyoWeb plug-in when you start your visit.

Cost and Insurance Options

Many insurance providers now cover telemedicine services for adults and children. It is your responsibility to verify that you have specific benefit coverage for telemedicine services under your benefit plan. Your doctor’s office can help you to determine if a video visit is covered by your insurance provider, and we also recommend speaking with your insurance provider directly if you have questions.

For plans we accept, we collect your out-of-pocket responsibility for an office visit at the time of check-in and bill your insurance for the remaining balance, as we would for an in-person appointment. If your insurance doesn’t cover the balance in full, you are billed for any remaining balance.

For Our Patients

NYU Langone Health App

Schedule appointments, access your medical records, and more by logging into the NYU Langone Health App with your MyChart account.

Virtual Urgent Care

If you need to see a doctor right away, schedule a Virtual Urgent Care video visit.