Despite a nationwide IT outage, all NYU Langone facilities remain open and patient care continues to be our top priority.

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Primary Care Services

We have locations throughout the New York City area, and in Florida.

NYU Langone primary care doctors are focused on one goal: partnering with you to manage your personalized health needs. Your primary care doctor is the physician who you visit for most of your healthcare needs. A primary care doctor offers preventive care‚ÄĒsuch as an annual physical, immunizations, and screening for common conditions‚ÄĒand also helps diagnose and treat a wide range of common health concerns.

There are different types of doctors that you can choose to be your primary care physician. This includes internal medicine and family medicine doctors, as well as obstetrician‚Äďgynecologists (OB/GYNs) for women. Pediatricians are primary care doctors for children.


Virtual Urgent Care

For minor medical concerns that need care today, schedule a Virtual Urgent Care video visit to video chat with an NYU Langone Health provider.

Schedule a Visit

Our primary care doctors offer online appointment scheduling and same day doctor’s office visits close to where you live and work. We also provide wellness services, including programs to help you stop smoking, lose weight, and get the vaccinations you need to keep you healthy, whether here or while traveling abroad. We also help you manage medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, referring you to specialists within NYU Langone when needed.

Doctors and Patient

Our primary care and internal medicine doctors provide wellness care and individualized treatment plans.

Our online patient portal is called . It allows you to communicate via private messaging with your physician and clinical staff, as well as to view laboratory and test results and schedule appointments.

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For Our Patients

Patient Forms

Review our forms for new and existing NYU Langone patients.

Information About Your Doctor’s Office Visit

Get information to help you prepare and learn what to expect.

NYU Langone Health MyChart

Access our online patient portal to schedule appointments and view test results.

Office Hours

We offer morning, evening, and weekend appointments to best meet your needs.