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Blood Donation

The New York Blood Center collects blood donations for patients having surgery or those receiving blood transfusions at NYU Langone. We encourage people to donate blood for themselves or for family members and friends through the autologous and directed blood donation programs at the NYU Langone Blood Bank.

Please call the NYU Langone Blood Bank at 212-263-5440 if you are interested in donating blood for use at NYU Langone. Patients and directed donors can choose from a to complete the donation process, if you are eligible.

Donor Eligibility

In New York State, most people older than age 17 and in good health can donate blood. However, there are factors related to your medical, social, or travel history that can disqualify you as a blood donor.

These include a history of hepatitis, jaundice, and heart disease. In addition, you cannot be a blood donor if it’s possible you’ve been exposed to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or if you have acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Travel to areas of the world affected by malaria or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, which is more commonly known as mad cow disease, may also disqualify you.

Although some of these factors may prevent you donating blood to others, you may still be able to store blood for your own use, known as autologous donation. If you have questions about your eligibility as a donor, contact the NYU Langone Blood Bank at 212-263-5440 or the .

Donating Blood for Use at NYU Langone

To donate blood for use at NYU Langone, you need a medical order signed by your doctor. You must also complete several forms to register with the New York Blood Center and the NYU Langone Blood Bank. Read our physician office instructions.

You must register and schedule an appointment with the New York Blood Center prior to your donation. Walk-in donors are not accepted. For help scheduling an appointment, please call the NYU Langone Blood Bank at 212-263-5440.

Collection, processing, testing and shipping of blood to NYU Langone requires a minimum of five business days for autologous donations and seven business days for directed donation. For blood coming from New Jersey, please allow a minimum of 10 business days for processing.

Autologous Blood Donation

Autologous blood donation is the process of giving and storing blood for your own use, prior to a scheduled surgery or other anticipated need. If you have an upcoming surgery that is likely to require a blood transfusion, you can discuss autologous blood donation with your doctor. He or she can determine whether autologous donation is appropriate.

Directed Blood Donation

If you are likely to require a blood transfusion, which may be necessary after surgery or chemotherapy, family and friends can donate blood specifically for your use through the process of directed donation. All donated blood must be tested for infectious disease, and only blood that is compatible with your blood can be used.

The Day of Your Donation

On the day of your donation:

  • Make sure that you are registered and have a scheduled appointment with the New York Blood Center.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat at your regular mealtimes.
  • Be prepared to present an official form of identification with a signature, proof of age, and a photo at the time of your donation.